PermaRock A1 Colour Range

Our Façade A1 colour range provides 500 colour shades with the highest colour brilliance and more permanent colour stability. Formulated entirely with inorganic pigments, the colour range is designed to complement PermaRock’s SiliconeUltra through-coloured renders which employ unique binder combinations. 

Incorporating Nano-Quartz technology, this combination of carefully selected materials confers a number of key benefits over standard colour ranges, employed with conventional acrylic and “standard” silicone renders and coatings.

Key Benefits:

  • 500 balanced colour shades over the colour spectrum
  • Inorganic pigments enable deep/dark intensive colour shades to be achieved with low air absorption and lower surface temperatures
  • UV absorbing pigments converts aggressive UV to less harmful, longer wavelengths
  • Two new inorganic pigments replace UV-unstable orange and blue pigments to provide unprecedented colour fastness in this part of the colour spectrum
  • Low lightness factors, light/colour stable shades now available
  • Achieves Colour Fastness Code A1 – the highest quality levels for binders (Class A) and pigments (Group 1) are achieved as classified by BFS (Federal Commission for Paint & Property Protection)

Product Samples

PermaRock can provide samples of the full range of decorative finishes and effects available for any given scheme.

Use our innovative and easy-to-use colour and sample selector to view, choose and finalise your colour selections.

You can view our entire range of decorative renders and finishes and ordering samples couldn't be easier, adding them to your basket in just a few easy clicks.

Can’t Find The Colour You Require?

If you can’t find your exact colour requirements from our extensive colour palettes, PermaRock is able to colour match to RAL and other widely used commercial colour ranges with many of our decorative finishes.

Contact our sales team to establish sample requirements and availability.

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