PermaRock Nano-Quartz Technology

Incorporated in our SiliconeUltra Renders, Nano-Quartz technology provides a step change in the performance level of exterior renders and coatings.

Organically cross-linked nano-particles form a compact, mineral-hard, three dimensional quartz-matrix structure which protects against soiling and keeps façades cleaner for longer. The special silicone resin/binder combination also generates water repellent, highly water vapour permeable surfaces whilst maintaining a robust weather-proof external façade to help minimise costs associated with dealing with surface discolouration over the life of the building.

Nano-Quartz technology renders and coatings incorporate inorganic pigments which offer superior light and colour fastness and enable the use of dark colours (lightness factors as low as 5 are now possible) on insulated external wall insulation) backgrounds.

‘Self Cleaning’ Nano-Quartz Technology - How does it work?

PermaRock Nano-Quartz Technology

Key Benefits:

  • Self-cleaning – the Nano-Quartz lattice surface gives excellent reduction in tendency to accumulate surface soiling. Loosened dirt particles are removed naturally by wind and rain action 
  • Increased resistance to mould & mildew
  • Lasting colour retention – inorganic pigments and nanotechnology offer class leading performance in relation to colour depth and longevity
  • Achieves Colour Fastness Code A1 – the highest quality levels for binders (Class A) and pigments (Group 1) is achieved (as classified by BFS (Federal Commission for Paint & Property Protection)
  • Available in 500 colour shades – for use in conjunction with PermaRock’s A1 colour range
  • Highly water vapour permeable – allows the substrate to “breathe”
  • Low consumption - up to 20% less material consumption compared to conventional acrylic and silicone renders
  • Lower maintenance requirements – compared to standard acrylic and silicone based renders over the lifetime of the system

PermaRock Nano-Quartz Technology

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