Specifications / System Detailing / BIM Objects

PermaRock prefers to become involved in the design element of any contract at the earliest opportunity since this enables us to influence design choices which can minimise risks.

This early involvement helps achieve more thermally effective details, cost-effective outcomes, overcome potential installation problems and minimise operational / maintenance costs over the life of the system and ensures that critical criteria such as thermal resistance, weather resistance, fire performance, durability, impact resistance, etc, are properly considered and the system is designed to meet property / scheme requirements.

Through the undertaking of visual surveys, in-situ pull out tests and the production of project specific U-value calculations, detailing, specifications, methods statements and a full understanding of the client’s requirements, a scheme design is agreed. 

PermaRock optimises systems to meet the relevant technical requirements whilst remaining within the scope of third party accreditation and we also liaise closely with other relevant stakeholders (i.e. structural engineers) to ensure the correct solution is agreed. This ensures that any structural concerns, particularly for example in relation to non-traditional or high-rise properties, are reviewed by the relevant professionals before any installation works are undertaken - recommendations from these surveys help form the basis of a tailored project specification and extent of works.

All of the above ensure method statements and specifications produced are tailored on a project-by-project basis to meet the project and archetype requirements provide a detailed description of each system’s components and installation procedures and can include other associated works relevant to the render or external wall insulation scheme.

NBS Specifications

You can find PermaRock external wall insulation and render systems on RIBA Product Selector and NBS Plus, enabling specifiers to source products and generate specifications for our products.

 View our RIBA Product Selector company page or visit our Technical Hub where NBS Plus and BIM Objects are also listed.

 Our recently launched Technical Hub includes easily accessible and up-to-date information on our products (systems) and specification tools:-

  • Building Information Modelling (BIM) Objects
  • Company Approvals, Memberships & Certificates
  • Literature (External Wall Insulation / Render Systems)
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) - System Components
  • Registered Installer Application
  • Sample Selector / Colour Viewer
  • Seminar Request
  • Specifications (Systems) - M20 + M21 NBS Plus
  • Standard Detail Drawings (CAD)
  • System (Product) Accreditation
  • Technical Datasheets (System Components)
  • U-Value Calculation Request

CAD Detail Drawings

The role of the specifying designer is simplified considerably by the use of PermaRock’s support services and CAD drawings (.dwg) which can be provided for standard and bespoke detailing.

These details cover the majority of common system interfaces likely to be found. Where non-standard details are required, PermaRock can provide advice and produce bespoke detail drawings to suit via our in-house design and CAD resource.

PermaRock Detail Drawings can be viewed and downloaded in our Technical Hub area. 

BIM Objects

PermaRock’s product design data is also compliant with Level 2 BIM (Building Information Modelling). 

PermaRock BIM objects (IFC / Revit formats) can be viewed and downloaded in our Technical Hub area. 

We’re here to help

One of the most valuable benefits to specifying a PermaRock system is the knowledge that there is an extensive level of support provided alongside our products.

 If you can’t find the information you require or wish to speak to our Technical / Sales teams we are always on hand to offer practical and experienced support, call us on 01509 262924 or email permarock@permarock.com.

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