Reema Non-Traditional Housing, Chesterfield

Client Chesterfield Borough Council
Specifier Chesterfield Borough Council
Substrate Remma (Precast Reinforced Concrete (PRC)
System PermaRock EPS-Premium External Wall Insulation Systems
System 2
Finish PermaRock Silicone Ultra K & R Finishes
Finish 2 PermaRock Brick Slips
Project Overview:



In December 2014, Chesterfield Borough Council commissioned a large-scale decarbonisation scheme via the Efficiency East Midlands (EEM) framework. Initially, its aim was to improve the thermal efficiency of over 500 homes, primarily through the installation of external wall insulation (EWI). The scheme was very successful, completed well ahead of schedule, and on the strength of that, the client commissioned several subsequent phases.

The third phase focused on 93 REEMA properties in the Boythorpe and Staveley districts, together with 24 Trusteel properties.


The Brief:

As on previous phases, the brief called for a “whole-house retrofit” approach. In addition to fitting EWI, the proposed works included installing top-up loft insulation, asbestos removal, the renewal of facias and soffits, the extension of pipes, sills and central heating vents, plus the installation of new fibreglass canopies to some properties. It was also important that the properties would benefit to aesthetic improvements, so the chosen finishes needed to be colour-fast, hardwearing and resistant to the accumulation of dirt.


Design & Specification:

The external wall insulation system chosen for the scheme was PermaRock EPS Premium, together with a combination of PermaRock Silicone Ultra K Finish and PermaRock Brick Slips. The latter were specified where it was important to retain a traditional brick effect and to preserve the character of certain estates.

PermaRock EPS Premium is a lightweight insulation system based on expanded polystyrene (EPS) and microscopic particles of graphite for enhanced thermal performance. It can be installed in thicknesses up to 300 mm and it can assist in achieving Code for Sustainable Homes Levels 4 - 6 and Passivhaus Standards. It also enables the creation of extremely airtight façades.

PermaRock SiliconeUltra K Finish is a textured, through-coloured render that is lightweight, flexible and water repellent, and which exhibits excellent vapour permeability and a high resistance to the accumulation of dirt. Available in a wide choice of colours, it offered the design team a wide array of aesthetic options.

PermaRock Brick Slips are a lightweight, synthetic resin brick used to replicate brickwork. They are available in a range of finishes and 12 colours.



The 93 REEMA properties and, subsequently, 24 Trusteel properties were handed over on schedule. The external wall insulation yielded important energy savings for residents and helped to improve the general appearance of the various local communities.

The continuing success of the various phases led Chesterfield Borough Council to launch an additional phase involving retrofit works to more than 500 properties across eight districts. The properties comprised a mix of 'hard to treat' designs including part cavity and solid wall.


Additional note:

In the 2018 Building Communities Awards, hosted by Efficiency East Midlands, the overall scheme was named ‘Project of the Year.’

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