PermaRock External Wall Insulation Systems onto Sheathed Frame Substrates - CAD

(P01)LSF015A Insulation Fixing Pattern - 5 No. Fixing per Board
DOWNLOAD DWG / 772.77kb

(P02)LSF015B Insulation Pattern and Reinforcement Layer Fixing Pattern
DOWNLOAD DWG / 792.80kb

(P03)F004 Fixing Pattern - Structural Opening
DOWNLOAD DWG / 960.37kb

(P04)LSF017 Reinforcement Stress Patch - Corners of Structural Opening
DOWNLOAD DWG / 947.96kb

(P05)LSF018 Vertical Fire Barrier (Straight) at Party Wall Line
DOWNLOAD DWG / 960.98kb

(P06)LSF012A(Rev1) Plan Section - Party Wall - EPS Phenolic PIR System
DOWNLOAD DWG / 918.64kb

(P07)LSF001C Typical Wall Base (3)
DOWNLOAD DWG / 667.08kb

(P08)LSF001D Typical Wall Base (4)
DOWNLOAD DWG / 668.80kb

(P09)LSF001E Typical Wall Base (5)
DOWNLOAD DWG / 671.63kb

(P10)LSF002 Typical Eaves Detail
DOWNLOAD DWG / 669.59kb

(P11)LSF003A Typical Parapet (1)
DOWNLOAD DWG / 773.35kb

(P12)LSF005B(Rev2) Section - Deflection Head with Horizontal Joint and Fire Barrier EWI System
DOWNLOAD DWG / 901.70kb

(P13)LSF006A Section - Window Sill
DOWNLOAD DWG / 879.19kb

(P14)LSF006B Plan Section - Window Jamb
DOWNLOAD DWG / 911.34kb

(P15)LSF006C Section - Window Head

(P16)LSF007A(Rev1) New Aluminium Window (Window Forward) - Head, Jamb and Sill Details
DOWNLOAD DWG / 947.18kb

(P17)LSF007B(Rev1) New Aluminium Window (Window Flush) - Head, Jamb and Sill Details
DOWNLOAD DWG / 950.27kb

(P18)LSF009A Plan Section - External Corner (1)
DOWNLOAD DWG / 929.06kb

(P19)LSF010 Plan Section - Internal Corner
DOWNLOAD DWG / 928.47kb

(P20)LSF013 Vertical Edge Terminations at Cladding
DOWNLOAD DWG / 719.87kb

(P21)LSF014A Plan Section - Movement Joint with Full System Stop Bead
DOWNLOAD DWG / 931.00kb

(P22)LSF014B Plan Section - Movement Joint with Type E Movement Joint Bead
DOWNLOAD DWG / 932.84kb

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