Literature (External Wall Insulation / Render Systems)

View and download literature relating to PermaRock's External Wall Insulation / Render Systems.

PermaRock New & Existing Buildings Brochures

Our portfolio of high quality, tested & accredited fire-safe, building regulation compliant external wall insulation and render systems meet all of the requirements for modern cladding products. 

Find out more on how they are ideally suited for use on new and existing buildings. 

PermaRock Installation Training Academy Prospectus

View details of our external wall insulation and render systems training courses.

Courses are delivered by our experienced team of technicians at our dedicated training facility in Loughborough, Leicestershire or on-site, and consist of classroom presentations and in-depth, practical ‘hands-on’ training.

High Rise Fire Safety Cladding Brochure


The brochure outlines how PermaRock Mineral Fibre EWI Systems comply with the latest Building Regulations requirements (A2-s1,d0 reaction to fire classification (EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009) and examples of systems performing excellently in high rise blocks where real fires have occurred.

Mineral Fibre External Wall Insulation Systems

Mineral Fibre EWI systems are fire-safe, high performance systems that are suited for application where the highest levels of fire resistance and non-combustibility are required (over 11m).

Systems acheive A2-s1,d0 reaction to fire classification (EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009).

EPS-Premium External Wall Insulation Systems

PermaRock EPS-Premium EWI systems are high-performance, light-weight systems based on low lambda, graphite enhanced, expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation.

The systems are particularly suited where exemplar levels of thermal performance are required.

PermaRend Exterior Render Systems

PermaRend is the leading brand of high impact-resistant, thin-coat, polymer-modified, crack resistant renders.

A multi-coat system, it is tough, durable, lightweight and flexible making it an attractive and more advanced alternative to traditional sand-cement renders.

PermaRend Scratch Render Systems

PermaRend Scratch Render is a scraped finish, self-coloured, mineral render which contains a silicone water repellent which can be tooled to create traditional ashlar work or finished flat.

Applied as a single or multiple coat application onto brickwork, blockwork or concrete substrates.

PermaRock Colour Chart

The PermaRock colour range, available for use with PermaRock’s Acrylic & SiliconeUltra textured through-coloured renders and façade coatings, offers an exceptional 1250+ colour tones, across many lightness levels, to provide an unprecedented colour palette for building designers.

We’re here to help

One of the most valuable benefits to specifying a PermaRock system is the knowledge that there is an extensive level of support provided alongside our products.

If you can’t find the information / resource you require or wish to speak to our Technical / Sales teams we are always on hand to offer practical and experienced support.