PermaRock Brick Effect Render

PermaRock Brick Effect Render (BER) is pre-batched, two-coat self-coloured polymer-modified cement-based render designed to simulate the appearance of brickwork.


BER can be applied as the decorative finish coat of PermaRend Exterior Render Systems and PermaRock External Wall Insulation Systems. In addition, can also be used to create features such as soldier courses, brick quoins, etc. in conjunction with other decorative finishes.

Incorporating a silicone water repellent, BER offers improved water resistance and helps maintain a cleaner surface. BER is particularly suited to projects where new brickwork cannot be used or where a brickwork appearance is desired. 

The render can be applied to achieve metric or imperial brick sizes, any bond pattern and also to create non-standard patterns and effects. Varying the surface texture of the render, and incorporating special pigment powders into the render surface during application, can also further diversify the aesthetics achievable.

Method of Application

PermaRock Brick Effect Render is a two coat system comprising PermaRock Brick Effect Render Base Coat (in the colour required for the brickwork joints – typically grey) and PermaRock Brick Effect Render Top Coat (in the required brick face colour). Both materials are supplied as pre-batched dry powders which require mixing with clean water on site.

The mixed and hydrated base coat material is applied onto the prepared substrate (reinforced base coat) by stainless steel trowel at a rate of approx. 10.8 kg per square metre to achieve a layer thickness of approx. 6 mm. The surface is levelled off and allowed to commence hardening / curing.

When the base coat has developed sufficient strength to support a further coat (the time required is temperature and RH dependent) the coloured top coat is applied over the base coat at a rate of approx. 5.4 kg/m2 (approx. 3 mm). The top coat is levelled and then textured using a brush, roller or other tool to create the required surface finish. Pigment powders can be applied onto the freshly levelled surface prior to texturing, if required.

The brick coursing is set out on the freshly rendered surface using string lines and levels, and then a special tool is used to cut through the top coat, whilst it is still wet but firm, to expose the base layer. By cutting a pattern of horizontal and vertical lines, guided by pre-made templates, the appearance of brickwork is achieved.

Application / Drying Conditions

PermaRock Brick Effect Render has a working temperature range of +5 ºC to +30 ºC. As with all cementitious materials, to avoid too rapid drying, the material should not be applied during strong winds or under direct sunlight. Avoid application under high relative humidity conditions or if rainfall or frost / freezing temperatures are likely.

Drying times are dependent on temperature, ventilation and relative humidity. Protection from ran and frost should be provided for the first 48 hours after application and surface condensation should be avoided to reduce the risk of efflorescence / lime bloom.


The base and face layers are available in a variety of colours, and are supplied in 25 kg sacks.

Available Colour / Texture / Grain Size