PermaRock Acrylic K & R Renders

PermaRock Acrylic K & R Finishes are high performance, ready-to-use, through-colour textured renders reinforced with siloxane.


PermaRock Acrylic K & R renders are flexible, weather resistant, water repellent and water vapour permeable and are available in an extensive range of over 1300 colours from the PermaRock 3D-Plus colour range.

Supplied with a K (stippled) texture , in 1.5, 2.0 and 3.0 mm grain sizes, or with an R (rolled / corrugated) texture with 2.0 and 3.0 mm grain sizes, they can also be tinted to RAL, BS4800, NCS and other widely used commercial colour ranges.

Darker colours (Lightness Factor <20) are unsuitable for use with EPS and Phenolic insulation systems. Where utilised on Mineral Wool insulation systems, these deeper, darker shades may also require an additional equalising coat of PermaRock SiliconeUltra Façade Coating.

Method of Application

Apply a coat of PermaRock K & R Primer (colour to suit) onto the Base Coat by roller or brush. Once dry Acrylic K & R Finishes (pre-tinted in colour) are ready to use and are applied onto the prepared surface by stainless steel trowel or using spray equipment. The applied finish is then rubbed-up and textured with a plastic float to the grain size.

For Acrylic R Finish, the method of texturing allows the creation of linear (vertical, horizontal or diagonal) or non-linear (circular, swirling) patterns in the finished surface.

Application / Drying Conditions

Temperature (material, substrate and ambient) during application and drying : +5 ºC to + 30 ºC. Application should not take place in direct sunlight, during strong wind, fog, high relative humidity or when imminent rain or frost is expected. The material dries by water evaporation and film formation.

Drying time: at 20 ºC and 65% RR: Surface dry after approx. 24 hours. Cured, recoatable and ready for stress after 2 - 3 days.


PermaRock K & R Primer is supplied, pre-tinted to the required colour, in 25 kg plastic pails.

PermaRock Acrylic K & R Finishes are supplied pre-tinted to the chosen colour in 25 kg plastic pails.

Available Colour / Texture / Grain Size