PermaRock Registered Installer Network

PermaRock can provide details, on a project-by-project basis, of registered installers capable of carrying out the installation of any PermaRock system based on project size, location and programme requirements.

Installation of PermaRock systems is undertaken by our nationwide network of trained and registered installer contractors - installers receive regular training updates and are kept abreast of the latest product developments and their performance is constantly monitored to ensure continuing high levels of quality and performance. 

Installation Installers / Operatives

All installation operatives involved in the installation of PermaRock systems are required to have appropriate skills and competencies, with operatives / supervisory personnel required to attend training by PermaRock.

The training includes an overview of EWI best practice, and provides detailed instruction on the archetype specific detailing (detail drawings are provided), compliance with system accreditation, working around combustion appliances, ventilation, gas fixtures and fittings, etc. 

PermaRock has a purpose-built theory and practical training facility at our head office where we provide theory and practical based training tailored to suit the requirements of the project - training can also be undertaken on a localised, site level and is tailored to the specific system required for the contract.

Sessions can be designed to span single or multiple days. Additionally, on-site competency checking of operatives to assess their individual capabilities and to establish if they meet the required standards. 

Project-specific training can also be provided to to other stakeholders (i.e. client). 

If you are an existing or prospective installer and would like to find out more about our training programmes or book an installer training session then please call us or email

On-Site Inspections / Monitoring

Once the installation has commenced, works are monitored to ensure the installation is undertaken to the required standards and meet with project specification / requirements and technical support is available at stages of installation to help ensure a ‘right first time’ ethos. 

Specifications including detailed installation method statements and comprehensive listings of system components are provided to installers and PermaRock System Technicians make regular routine visits to sites to inspect ongoing works to monitor installation against project-specific specification(s) and detailing. 

Do you wish to become a PermaRock Registered Installer?

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Alternatively, contact PermaRock's Sales Administration Department on (T) 01509 262924 or email please call us or email

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