Mineral Fibre External Wall Insulation Systems

PermaRock Mineral Fibre external wall insulation systems are a non-combustible, vapour permeable energy efficiency measure that allows homeowners and landlords to improve the energy performance and visual appearance of their property.

With up to 35% of heat lost through the walls on uninsulated homes, the application of external wall insulation will provide a number of positive benefits to your home, over other energy efficiency measures.

Key Benefits - External Wall Insulation

  • Lightweight, cost effective insulation
  • Save up to £425* per year on your fuel bill
  • Save around 1.8 Tonnes* of carbon dioxide per year
  • Improve the appearance of your home – potentially increasing the property’s value by up to 14% (Department of Energy and Climate Change Report)
  • Is applied with minimal disruption
  • Will not reduce the floor area (living space) of your property
  • Reduces condensation on internal walls and can help prevent damp (but will not solve rising or penetration damp)
  • Improves weatherproofing and can increases the life of the existing property by protecting the existing substrate from the weather
  • Assessed life-span in excess of 30 years

Quality Installers

Installation of PermaRock systems is only undertaken by trained and approved applicator companies. The performance of these applicators is constantly monitored and we operate an Identity Card system for external wall insulation operatives.


PermaRock provides a material Guarantee on every project. For Green Deal and/or Energy Company Obligation (ECO) schemes, options are also available for the 25 Year Solid Wall Insulation Guarantee Agency (SWIGA) Guarantee and the 25 Year Kinnell ECO Guarantee Schemes.

These guarantees provide additional peace of mind and access to technical expertise in the event of any defect arising in the design, workmanship or materials. Your installer will be able to offer you additional information and advice on the range of guarantees available to you.

Aftercare & Maintenance

Your installer will also issue you with an ‘Aftercare’ booklet detailing how maintenance can be carried out for routine tasks such as cleaning, effecting minor repairs, modifying or adding new fixtures and fittings (such as hanging baskets, satellite dishes, etc).

For further information or to find a local installer please email permarock@permarock.com or call us on Tel: 01509 632 953.