Specifying External Wall Insulation Systems

PermaRock offer external wall insulation systems based on a range of modern insulation materials that include firesafe mineral fibre, mineral fibre lamella, enhanced expanded polystyrene and high performance phenolic foam.

We understand that it can be a complex process specifying the most suitable external wall insulation system and that many factors can influence system choice and the decorative finish proposed and our systems have been designed to enable various methods of fixing to be employed, dependant upon the substrate condition and type.

Our technical representatives can provide detailed design and technical assistance and with early engagement in the design process, we can produce specifications that are closely tailored to the individual project requirements.

This provides opportunities for cost reductions associated with time and material waste whilst maximising value for money and maintaining the highest quality standards.

The specifier must ensure that the following factors are taken into consideration to ensure the best solution for the project is adopted:

  • Type of Building/Wall Build-Up: system type should be chosen to suit the wall construction, type of building, design loads, and structural movement, etc.
  • Fire Performance: the system should be suitable for building use, low rise and/or high-rise application, as appropriate, and where required, should incorporate fire performance or fire-breaks to meet with Building Regulations and BR135 requirements.
  • Thermal Performance: what is the required U-value of the building envelope or SAP rating requirement? Are there limitations to the thickness (zone) of system which can be accommodated (passageways, pavements, etc)?
  • Aesthetics: is the desired type and colour of decorative finish available and suitable for the design and its intended location and exposure? 
  • Detailing and Interfaces: full consideration needs to be given to the interface with other materials and how the system is protected at edges, overhangs and abutments. 
  • Impact Resistance: the decorative finish may be selected primarily on the desired aesthetic appearance but must also take into consideration the level of impact resistance required. 
  • Cost: a number of design factors can have an effect on the cost of the system, including, insulation type and thickness as well as the selection of decorative finishes and fixing methods.
  • Exposure of Site: resistance to wind and impact loads, high/low traffic, local pollutants (e.g roads / railways), etc. may need to be considered for system and finish selection.

PermaRock Sales & Technical Representatives are available to discuss any aspect of a scheme at any stage and to provide the necessary support or assistance on existing or future schemes.

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