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PermaRock have specially developed colour ranges to providing clients, designers and specifiers the latest offerings in terms of material technology and quality whilst bringing near limitless options in terms of colour choice.

Whether you choose from PermaRock’s outstanding palette of over 500 colour shades from our Façade A1 Colour Range, our sensational brick slips and scratch renders, we provide an unprecedented freedom to create uniquely expressive façades and interesting buildings.

All PermaRock decorative aesthetic options can be utilised with all of our external wall insulation and exterior render systems and further dramatic shape and form can be created through simulated blockwork, shadowlines, ashlar effects and architectural profiles to add further expression.

Industry Leading ‘Self-Cleaning’SiliconeUltra K & R Renders

PermaRock Nano Quartz Logo Web.jpgPermaRock has introduced the latest innovation in clean façade render, Nano-Quartz technology. In doing so we have pioneered the next generation of ‘self-cleaning’ renders (SiliconeUltraK & R Finish) to market, offering advanced levels of performance in terms of cleanliness and colour stability for unparalleled results.

SiliconeUltra K & R Finishes provide even greater repellency against dirt and further resistance to algae growth, producing cleaner facades for longer and with higher colour brilliance and colour fastness. The render is also extremely lightweight, using up to 20% less material consumption than existing silicone and acrylic based through-coloured renders.

For further information on PermaRock's Nano-Quartz technology click here


PermaRock 3D Plus Colour System Logo.jpgOur full 3D-Plus colour range offers in excess of 1300 colour shades as well as the availability of colour matching outside the 3D-Plus range. This extensive range provides the building designer with an unprecedented choice of colours.

PermaRock A1 Colour Range.jpgPermaRock’s Façade A1 colour range, available in 500 selected shades has been specially chosen for use in conjunction with ourSiliconeUltra K & R Finish renders and coatings to offer the best in colour fastness and to colour brilliance for unbeatable results and set the industry benchmark for through-coloured renders.

For further information on PermaRock's colour ranges click here