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PermaRock Products Ltd, is one of the leading designers, manufacturers and suppliers of external wall insulation systems with over 30 years experience in supplying external wall insulation in the UK.

What is PermaRock External Wall Insulation?

PermaRock external wall insulation has been developed to improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings, particularly solid wall or “Hard To Treat” homes that are not able to benefit from Cavity Wall Insulation, by the application of rigid insulation to the external wall surfaces. The insulation is reinforced and finished with a weatherproof render.

Acting as a ‘thermal jacket’ around a property, PermaRock systems are only installed by specialist installers throughout the UK.

With up to 35% of heat lost through the walls on Hard to Treat and Solid Wall Homes, the application of an external wall insulation system will provide a number of positive benefits to the homeowner / tenant:-

Why PermaRock External Wall Insulation?

  • Lower fuel bills: High levels of energy efficiency can be achieved over other forms of insulation resulting in savings on energy bills, especially where other measures are not suitable (non-cavity/solid wall properties). An average semi-detached home could typically save approx. £260 per year on fuel costs (Source: EST).
  • Funding may be available through the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) and finance through the Green Deal
  • Interstitial or internal condensation on walls can be eliminated, and the attendant problems of damp internal surfaces and mould growth can be overcome.
  • Prolonged building life: the building fabric is protected against the effects of the weather (systems have an assessed minimum lifetime of 30 years).
  • Improve the buildings appearance: A range of decorative renders and effects are available to improve or replicate the appearance of an existing dwelling.
  • Installation is undertaken whilst you remain in your property and normally takes approximately 2-3 weeks to complete.
  • 25 year material guarantee supplied on Green Deal and ECO funded projects covering both the system and installation against defects.

Frequently Asked Questions on external wall insulation?


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