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Energy Company Obligation (ECO) /

What is an energy company obligation (ECO)?

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is a new programme designed to reduce Britain’s energy consumption by funding home improvements worth around £1.3 billion every year.

Although the ECO will be a wholly new scheme, with a different scope and set of priorities to CERT and CESP, it does share the same basic underlying mechanic – that being to requireenergy companies to meet targets through actions to encourage energy efficiency.

TheGovernment sets an overall target, which is then apportioned to the main energy companies according to their market share.

Working in conjunction with the Green Deal, this support is being targeted at specific households (eg. the poorest and most vulnerable) and those types of property (eg hard-to-treat with no traditional cavities to fill) which cannot achieve financial savings without an additional or different measure of support.

It’s delivered to customers either directly from the supplier or by organisations working together, who have made special arrangements, such as Green Deal Providers.

Many householders in older properties and those on benefits or low incomes may qualify for extra financial assistance. Call the Energy Saving Advice Service (England,Scotland and Wales) on 0300 123 1234 or visit to see if you’re eligible but external wall insulation works on hard-to-treat or solid wall properties will be eligible for ECO funding.

PermaRock access to ECO Funding

PermaRock has developed relationships with various GreenDeal and ECO organisations (i.e. assessors, providers and installers) and have access to ECO funding for projects of all sizes.

We would be pleased to discuss any ECO funding requirements for external wall insulation works you are looking to progress - please contact us for further advice on 01509 262924.