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PermaRock is one of the UK’s leading designers, manufacturers and suppliers of external wall (solid) insulation, and exterior render systems.

PermaRock has been supplying energy efficient façade solutions to the UK market for over 25 years and our products, installed by specialist contractors, are suitable for all forms of construction and building types in the new and existing building markets.

External Wall Insulation for New Buildings

With ever increasing importance being placed on the design of energy efficient buildings, PermaRock external wall insulation systems can significantly contribute to the creation of low carbon, sustainable and inspiring developments.

Working closely with building designers and specifiers, we offer advice from design through to installation on how the external wall insulation element of a project can meet or surpass today’s technical and low carbon design requirements.


External Wall Insulation for Existing Buildings

Many older buildings in the UK were built without any form of insulation in the walls and are energy inefficient, external wall insulation (also referred to as solid wall insulation) is an ideal measure to help tackle increasing fuel bills through reducing heat energy losses through the external envelope and eliminating problems associated with condensation and dampness, important concerns for occupiers and owners of residential, public and commercial buildings.

PermaRock systems are UKAS accredited and fully compliant to relevant British / European Standards and PAS 2030:2014 for use under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) energy efficiency initiative.