For use with our through-coloured renders and exterior coatings, you can use this interactive feature to colour the walls of the building opposite.

You currently can scroll through and select colours from the AGAVE group. You can select a different group of colours by using the dropdown list box below,

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Lightness Factor (LF:)

In relation to colour shades with a Lightness Factor of 20 or below, there can be issues associated with High Solar Gain and Colour Stability in certain cases, particularly on Insulated Render (External Wall Insulation) Systems.

We would therefore recommend that any colours requested with a Lightness Factor approaching 20 or below are discussed in detail with ourselves in order that we can offer the relevant advice prior to you taking any final decisions relating to colour choice.


Please note that the digital colour chart has been specially prepared for display on a monitor (RGB values). Whilst every effort is made to reproduce the colour samples as accurately as possible, the limitations of varying monitors/displays may result in the actual colours differing from those shown.


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AGAVE 5 (LF:19)
AGAVE 10 (LF:30)
AGAVE 15 (LF:42)
AGAVE 20 (LF:57)
AGAVE 25 (LF:67)
AGAVE 30 (LF:82)
AGAVE 35 (LF:28)
AGAVE 40 (LF:43)
AGAVE 45 (LF:58)
AGAVE 50 (LF:73)
AGAVE 55 (LF:81)
AGAVE 60 (LF:86)
AGAVE 65 (LF:34)
AGAVE 70 (LF:48)
AGAVE 75 (LF:50)
AGAVE 80 (LF:67)
AGAVE 85 (LF:67)
AGAVE 90 (LF:76)
AGAVE 95 (LF:23)
AGAVE 100 (LF:35)
AGAVE 105 (LF:63)
AGAVE 110 (LF:73)
AGAVE 115 (LF:81)
AGAVE 120 (LF:85)
AGAVE 125 (LF:32)
AGAVE 130 (LF:39)
AGAVE 135 (LF:43)
AGAVE 140 (LF:51)
AGAVE 145 (LF:60)
AGAVE 150 (LF:74)